The FITT Principle and How It Is Implemented in Strength Programs

The FITT standard is an exceptionally essential and regular guideline in the quality and molding industry and is a basic principle in preparing and composing rec center projects. To have the option to compose essential just as cutting edge preparing programs your quality and molding mentor must comprehend the FITT rule.

The FITT rule represents: 

– Frequency 

– Intensity 

– Time 

– Type

The FITT rule doesn’ ออกกำลังโรงยิม t simply apply to weight preparing, yet additionally to extending, recuperation, cardio, circuits and essentially any sort of preparing.


Recurrence alludes to how long seven days your customer does a specific instructional course. It is safe to say that they will do 3 days of weight preparing and 3 days of cardio? Contemplate recuperation proportions, and preparing particulars and so on to make sense of how frequently seven days is a meeting being finished.


Force is an intriguing one, in light of the fact that at long last it’s dependent upon your customer to decide the amount they might want to propel themselves.

Despite the fact that force could likewise incorporate maximal lifts, for example, 3 reiterations or a 500m run on the rower. A decent preparing device to use for estimating cardio power is a Heart rate screen, thusly you have no chance to get of cheating.


Time alludes to how long every meeting is. How long is the circuit they are getting along? How long would they say they are getting along cardio for? How long do they hold each stretch? How long is a break in the middle of sets? How long will they be in the rec center? Is it part of their timetable?


What sort of preparing would they say they will do? Quality preparing or quality continuance, maximal preparing or only a recuperation meeting. Concerning cardio, would they say they are doing span, fartlek or fat eliminator work out?

These are generally the inquiries you should pose to yourself when composing a program. 

As should be obvious there are a great deal of elements that should be viewed as when composing a quality and molding program. The further developed the mentor the further developed the program arranging becomes.

To be a decent coach your program author must consider your customers needs as well as what they look for from a specific preparing system. For instance on the off chance that I have just 30 minutes in the exercise center I would not have the option to finish a force lifters weight preparing program since they require 3 minutes or more recuperation between sets.