Cost Effective Flyer Printing Techniques That Actually Work

As the economy continues to spiral in the wrong direction, business managers and owners are required to change the way we spend our money on flyer printing and even other forms of advertising. Although our economy is in a bad financial situation, you can still find cost effective ways to advertise to consumers without having to sacrifice every important element of your flyer-printing project. Here is an idea you can think about using when you plan your next flyer advertising campaign. fast post card print on 4×6 size

1)¬†Print small club sized flyers. There are 1,000’s of advertisers that claim you need to print full-page flyers in order to get peoples attention. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, there has been several times where I have found myself reading a smaller advertisement, just because it was professionally designed and the writing copy was hypnotizing. Simply put, you can still get the same results from a club sized flyer or a half page flyer if you print high quality advertisements.

In addition, smaller club flyers have the ability to separate from the rest of the competition because of their heavy card stock. Look at some samples of these designs on any flyer printing website and you can see why they are so effective. Not to mention, using small sized flyers will save you a considerable amount of money on printing in the process.

2) Omit any weak words in your copy. One of the main reasons why club flyers are highly effective is because all the fluff is eliminated from the writing copy. Their straight to the point. If you have a long message, then put all your contact info and the other details of your promotion on the backside of your flyer. This way you have room to list your main benefits on the front side of your flyer. When you print club-sized flyers, the majority of online flyer printing companies will include printing on the backside in their price quotes.

As you can see, not only is this technique good for saving money on flyer printing, you can print additional flyers to capture a larger share of the market. Keep this strategy in mind when planning your flyer advertising campaign.